"Monitoring is a vital part of a decision-making system that focuses on the creation of a desired future landscape description. We need to know where we are starting from and where we want to go. The Land EKG system is an advanced, user-friendly approach to achieving these objectives"

Don Nelson
Ph.D Extension Beef Specialist - Washington State University

EKG™ Datastore

Create and report your rangeland information via the Internet. From the comfort of home, enter field data and images using the simple step-by-step application.

This subscription service provides a secure and private web database designed for ranchers and range professionals to organize, store and report rangeland or pasture information.  The manual-entry program leads users through each step then transforms any rangeland information into an organized and professional report.  Digital images or scanned photos are easily uploaded, stored and identified for your report notebook.  Includes formatted charts and Land Eco-Graph analysis.

There is no limit to the number of sites you can store. A typical DataStore subscription for up to 10 sites is as low as $2/site/month ($240/year per ranch). Complimentary subscriptions are included when attending a 3-day Land EKG™ workshop.

To subscribe or to inquire about training, please Contact Us or call (406) 582.7480.


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