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Farm Jounal Sept. 2009
Australian Farm Journal
September 2009, by Patric Francis
Enough Pasture Recovery? Ask the land and monitor.

A great article from Charley's trip to Australia in Nov. 2008, and his work with CARRUS Land Systems.
download (download pdf)

archive Archive of EKG in the News

Drovers CattleNetwork, Aug 2011
Interview with Charley Orchard at Chico Basin Ranch
John Maday discusses the rangeland monitoring school with Charley Orchard at Chico Basin Ranch.

Western Producer, Aug 2011
"Litter is good when it's under the grass" Barbara Duckworth  download (download pdf)
Grazing mentor Charley Orchard explains the importance of good litter cover during a one-day Introduction to Monitoring workshop near Strathmore, Alberta.

Working Ranch Magazine, Jul-Aug 2011
"Pasture Pulse" Loretta Sorensen or download (download pdf)
Accurately tracking pasture conditions might seem overwhelming at times, but it's critical to making good decisions and optimizing the grazing potential of your outfit.

Drovers Journal, February 2011
"Forage Fortune Telling." John Maday or download (download pdf)
Late winter is a good time to assess and project forage production, and develop grazing plans for the upcoming season.

Drovers Journal, February 2010
"Counting Plants and Raindrops" by John Maday or download (download pdf)
Monitor Now for grazing decisions this summer

Drovers Journal, February 2008
"Watching the Grass Grow.” John Maday or download (download pdf)

GLCI News May/June 2003
"Stocker Steward" Kindra Gordon
Oklahoma beef producer John Phelan discusses the importance of grass management and using the Land EKG monitoring method for long-term monitoring of his rangeland.

Rangelands: Society for Range Management, Dec. 2001
By Charles Orchard and Chris Mehus
Technical overview of the Land EKG™ Monitoring System download (download pdf)

Bozeman Daily Chronicle
"Land doctor - Bozeman business helping ranchers monitor, improve their land" Michele Corriel
Ranchers continue to use the knowledge gained from Land EKG to make improvements on their land and profits.

Western Farmer- Stockman, July 2000
"Monitoring Your Land's Health" By Joan Waldoch monitoring (download pdf)
Land EKG Monitoring can show you how to maintain healthy resources and maximize profits.

Drovers Journal, October 2000
"Drought Happens: Planning, Monitoring and Management can Soften the Blow" By John Maday

Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative, Sept./Oct. 2000
"Rangeland Monitoring in Northwest Oklahoma" By Trina Curtis
A Land EKG™ monitoring clinic taught rangeland mangers how to make informed decisions that can improve or maintain pasture productivity.

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Newsletter, "On the Land" Vol. One
"Range Evaluation Ensures Long Term Health" By Staff Writer download (download pdf)
Land EKG™ Monitoring system evaluating the Foundation's conservation easements.

Holistic Management: In Practice, March/April 2000
"A New Look at the Dart Game" By Sam Bingham
An article resulting from a three-way conversation between Charley Orchard, Allan Savory, and Sam Bingham about the Land EKG™ approach to rangeland monitoring. Allan's concerns and comments are addressed. (please request article)

"Holistic Management gets results in the Northern Rockies"
By Cliff Montagne, Ph.D. and Charley Orchard, M.S. download (download pdf)
A graduate study of 43- ranch managers in the Northern Rockies documenting changes they have experienced as a result of Holistic Management.

Drovers Journal, March 2000
"Water Managers with Hooves" By John Maday
No one knows when or where drought will occur, but your herd could be your best tool for improving moisture retention and plant growth in your pastures.

Drovers Journal, Dec. l999
"Best Producers Innovations" By Staff Writer
In search of sustainable profits; an awarded tip from Charley Orchard.

Drovers Journal, February l999 COVER
"Pasture Problem Solving" By John Maday
Define the problem, identify solutions, and take action through a monitoring program.

Feed Lot, Nov./Dec. 1999
"Rangeland Monitoring Provides Insight into Pasture Health and Profit" By Staff Writer
By monitoring, land managers can match their livestock to the land and optimize profits.

The Quivira Coalition, Nov. 1999
"Profile of Good Stewardship: the Davis Family and CS Ranch"
This family owned / operated ranch in Raton, NM. is confronted daily with changes in the ranching business with development pressure on all sides—their goal is to manage for the future, and Land EKG™ is helping to achieve this.

Drovers Journal, October 1998 COVER
"Rangeland Monitoring, How to evaluate the health of your range ecosystem" By John Maday
A close-up view to the development of a monitoring program, its benefits to understanding pasture health for management decisions. Learn the value of monitoring your land and management.

Practical Holism in the Northwest: A Journal of people, land, and money. July 1998.
"The Great American Land Monitoring Shootout" By Wayne Burleson


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