Based on more than 50 years of ecological research, Land EKG™ Monitoring © has been tested, refined and established on more than seven million acres across 16 western and mid-western states and Canada. It is supported by ranchers, NRCS, BLM, USFS, USFWS, EPA, DEQ, The Nature Conservancy, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, university and extension professionals, stockgrowers and grazing associations. Land EKG™ Inc. provides high quality personalized rangeland solutions and education for sustainable economic and ecological health. We equip a diverse group of land stewards, including private ranch-owners, conservationists and agency representatives, with a unique protocol to track range health, create management strategies and implement profitable customized programs. Land EKG™ Inc. offers several services, products and other workshops on topics including profit strategies, grazing and habitat plans, weed management, and innovative fencing systems. The focus of our business is an advanced, goal-driven rangeland monitoring tool, called Land EKG™. This monitoring protocol transforms simple field data into a “Land Eco-graph©.” Like an electrocardiogram monitors performance of your heart, a “Land Eco-graph©” depicts the function and productivity of your land and leads your management plans into the “what-next phase”. Land EKG Monitoring© system is available in 2 levels: E-Z EKG© for simple instant management direction and Level II Baseline providing long-term direction for ranchers and other management professionals.

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