Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative

The Savory Institute
Leading the Brown Revolution: Reversing desertification and biodiversity loss, mitigating drought and famine, and positively impacting global climate change.

Western Sustainability Exchange
Based in Livingston Montana, their mission is to advance sustainable choices that enhance economic opportunities which preserve open space, wildlife habitat, farm and ranchlands, and quality of life for future generations.

Mountain Beef
Grass-fed beef grazed in balance with Nature’s Law

Soil Carbon Coalition
To advance the practice, and engage people in the opportunity, of turning atmospheric carbon into soil organic matter (oxidize less, photosynthesize more). Put the carbon back where it belongs.

Sustainable farming connection

Drought monitoring information

Ranching for Profit, Dave Pratt

Holistic Management International

Kit Pharo Cattle Company

Tom Elple, Hollowtop Outdoor Primitive School

Animal Range Extension

Synergy resource Solutions ~ Jack Alexander

Hawai’i Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative
Foraging for Healthy Ecosystems: Providing guidance and leadership in the pursuit of grazing land conservation throughout Hawaii.

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