• Land EKG monitoring served as the pilot project test system for what ultimately became the Wyoming Rangeland Health Assessment Program (RHAP)™ providing funding to WY ranchers through the Dept of Agriculture to assist in monitoring efforts. In 2011 (the first year of the program) two WY ranches applied for and were granted RHAP funding with monitoring programs based the Land EKG model. In just this first year, Land EKG is being represented on 150,000+ acres for the RHAP program.

  • In June 2011, thirteen livestock producing families in CO prevailed against a lawsuit filed by Western Watershed’s Project (WWP) that objected to the renewal of USFS grazing permits. With their land monitoring and management plans, the ranchers were able to prove that they were complying with the Forest Plan’s wildlife, soil productivity, and water quality protections.

  • A Shonkin, Montana rancher using Land EKG was the only producer in the state to receive immediate NRCS cost share funding when “new criteria” required range assessments to be completed before program sign-up. Resulted in 18 month expedition of payment for program participation.

  • The D/D Ranch in Idaho has been allowed to increase their grazing on public lands because of Land EKG monitoring and ensuing management changes. In 1996 they were facing a 1000 AUM cut.

  • Land EKG Monitoring revealed to a Highwood Montana rancher that it was not necessary to purchase a historically held “off ranch” private grazing lease. By modifying the grazing program, this rancher is now carrying more animals than ever before, all at home. Annual cash savings exceeds $25,000.

  • The Cumbres Lamanga Grazing Association in Colorado can value EKG information at approximately $45,000 per year. If they continue to manage correctly from the monitoring information gathered, a 30% cut from the USFS will not take place.

  • Land EKG monitoring on BLM lands helped save the Orchard Ranch in WY over $200,000 following wildfire.

  • The only rancher allowed to continue grazing on his forest service allotment in Central CO during the drought of 2000, was using Land EKG monitoring to argue his case.

  • A WY rancher was awarded $10,000 for his stewardship practices based on his own Land EKG ranch monitoring.

  • Another WY ranch was awarded a national stewardship award based on their monitoring a management practices.

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