20140314_103924Fourth generation Wyoming rancher Charley Orchard, founder of Land EKG® Inc., developed what has become known as the Land EKG® Monitoring System, a land health monitoring, management information, and reporting system. Since 1994, he has worked with ranchers across the US, Canada, Australia, and South Pacific, helping thousands track land health, improve management skills, and decision making. Charley’s background, experience, and education enable him to address many land issues and concerns. His business, Land EKG® Inc., has a constant driving goal – to promote sustainable business and ecological information models for those noble few – stewarding the land and feeding our nation and the world.

Back on his home ranch, Charley is at the helm of taking care of the land and it’s resources.  He is working to make Orchard Ranch and it’s landscape also the hub of Land EKG® Inc.  The ranch provides multi-layers of vegetation, soils and climate to duplicate many areas of the United States for training purposes. 

He looks forward to producing schools at the ranch for continued training in monitoring and management skills for clients long into the future.  Charley and Cathy also continue to upgrade and expand their cloud based Land EKG DataStore to provide quality and timely access to individual monitoring information.  They are also expanding their footprint to Canada, Hawaii, New Zealand and other countries as the importance of informed land stewardship grows in a world increasingly aware of our environmental resources.

2010-12-31 23.00.00-116Catherine Orchard joined the Land EKG® team in April of 2013 as the wife and sweetheart of Charley Orchard. She comes from a extensive background of Wyoming ranching history and grew up on a neighboring ranch in the Upper No Wood country. Happy to be back on the land of her youth – she has proved knowledgeable and enthusiastic with the transition of Land EKG® Inc. back to its Wyoming roots.  She couldn’t be a better fit for Land EKG’s new home.

Cathy is our office coordinator/executive assistant/rangeland technician.

Sean McGrath, P.Ag.
Sean grew up on a 5th generation commercial cattle operation southeast of Vermilion, Alberta. In 1999 he completed his Agriculture degree through the cooperative education program at the University of Saskatchewan with great distinction. For the last 15 years Sean has pursued a consulting career focusing on ranch management.

Sean, his wife Tanya and their family are managing partners in Round Rock Ranching southeast of Vermilion, Alberta. The ranch maintains operations near Vermilion Alberta and Meadow Lake SK and regularly breeds 200+ females, maintains a small purebred herd, markets grass finished beef and has a custom grazing operation. The ranch employs a variety of grazing techniques with the goal to graze year around. In 2014 the ranch received the provincial and national environmental stewardship (TESA) award for their stewardship efforts.

Sean is a member of the Society of Range Management and has significant extension experience speaking at conferences, providing articles for popular farm press and teaching courses on a variety of ranch management topics including grazing management.

Canola Fields in Canada

Charley & Cathy – Canola Fields – Alberta, Canada


Charley – Grazing Seminar – Hawaii


Charley – Google Earth Seminar – Hawaii

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