ceo Our workshops equip a variety of land managers with hands-on monitoring skills and better understanding of how to document and manage their natural resources. The most effective workshops are held on a local property, with field forms customized to match the local plants, climate and issues of those attending. Read our Workshop Descriptions.

The Land EKG™ monitoring method and educational philosophy is founded on the 1994 National Research Council Report, Rangeland Health. Additional concepts and continued education that strengthen our services and monitoring technique, are applied skills from Stan Parsons, Ranching for Profit Schools; Allan Savory, Center for Holistic Management Trainings; Dick Divens, Low Cost Cow/Calf Production Workshops; Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Co. Seminars, numerous grazing conferences, and the USDA Jornada Experimental Range field research.

Contact Us or call (307) 366-2445 to hear about more upcoming dates or to line up private training.

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